Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snowy Days, Snnnoowwwy Daaaayyyys!

This is Zack's snow cave, he is sure Grayson will love playing in it.

It is made from all the snow he has shoveled off our driveway so I can get out of the garage and not drive out onto ice.

The back way into Rood Bridge park where we went to sled again today

Headed into the trees. So pretty.

Me or a Polar Bear?

This bridge is usually under water by now but since its been snowing instead of raining its not. Otherwise we would have to go around to the park. It will for sure by under after the snow melts.

To the hill we go!

Jesse sledding the stairs!

The boy can't "steer" for crappa, he always ends up sideways.

Zack's snow beard from the snow flying up as he sleds.

Where are Grayson's legs?

Me sledding. I got "brave" this year. Usually I am a total chicken! Maybe next year I will do the stairs!

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Its just me said...

oh Jaimey, its so beautiful!!!! You guys look like your having a blast! I miss the snow sooo much! Sounds like you had a great day!!
Luv your jacket too.

The Wolfe Family said...

The kids are impressed with the snow if we REALLY wanted to, we could probably start a fort of our own and be quite successful at it with ALL THIS SNOW!