Friday, December 12, 2008


Someone said to me once that it was too dangerous to shower with your babies. What if you get all sudsy and drop them?! Well I guess I am amazing or lucky (HA!). I have showered with Grayson since he was about 3 months old, if that. He has always loved it. I would just wash myself first, leaving him naked but covered in his bouncy seat or with Zack and then when I was ready I would bring him in. I always held onto his thigh so if I accidentally got to slippery and he slid I would have a good grip.

We have never had even a near accident.

Then when I was done washing him, back into the seat or with Zack until I was in a towel and then I would get him diapered and dressed.

I still shower with Grayson, at almost 2. Only now he gets out after me more often than not. :) He loves to play in the shower long after I have gotten dry and dressed. (No he is not in the bathroom alone- Zack will come in while I go into my closet, or I stay in a towel if he is not home)

Yesterday he decided to stay in the shower but instead of playing with his toys he was sleeping. He kept saying "Nigh Nigh" when he would lay down. It was only 9 am so I am not sure what that was about but it was cute either way. I am glad I have such a sweet comical little boy. He is amazing and while I may not sound it in other posts I am truly grateful for him and our life with him.

And this just shows you how tiny our shower is! That is the one thing I hate about this house. The bathrooms are purely function. No flair, no decorating elements, and the shower is tiny. For us to shower together I have to stand in the corner huddled up against the wall with the nozzle pointing up high because like me Grayson hates the water in his face (is that genetic?! I tried to make him like it!) Usually he just wants to be held.

Anyway, all this just to say "isn't this pic cute?!"
Enjoy. (his butt is heart shaped! haha)


1snappyfamily said...

Cute! And great family pic, by the way!

Geneva said...

Jimmy won't take showers! He shakes and cries until I take him out - always been that way. And yes, Grayson's little heart shaped bottom is AWFULLY cute ;)

Amy H said...

Darling! Dan is in the shower as we speak with Matthew. I have never tried doing it, but the boys like doing it together. (And maybe it's just the angle of your photo, but your shower looks about twice as big as ours!) =)

Amy H said...

Oh yeah, I have to add that your new family picture is gorgeous! Did you plan the colors of your clothing to match your amazing eyes?

eireann said...

that is the CUTEST picture of grayson!

wow, i never knew you were "not" supposed to shower with your kids. then again, i don't have kids (yet). i figured i would shower with mine, because how easy is that? they get clean and i get clean all in one swoop and less mess. that's how i give the cat a bath too.

Jaimey said...

Mel- Thanks!

Geneva- sad. Oh well. I guess it doesn't work for everyone!

Amy- Ok so I have met some now whose shower is smaller than ours! And thanks! I love the new pic too!

Erin- Some say no to showering some say its fine, I say its fine. I think it comes down to your comfort level. I have always been pretty confident that I wouldn't drop him. I prefer the one swoop cleaning too!