Saturday, December 13, 2008

Crafts and Children- something has to give!

For anyone who has seen my craft room, they might say that I am a bit of a craft-aholic. One might say I have spent way too much money and time on my crafts. I say I have many useful skills that at times like these save me a bundle on Christmas gifts.

Today I had to run some Christmas errands. Zack and I decided we could scrounge up $40 to shop for each other (he sold some tools to be honest) and so after I ran the errand for him*, Grayson and I went to Joann's. I wanted to get yet more fabric this time for other people!

I am not sure when it happened but sometime recently my sweet calm little shopping buddy turned on me. He now has ideas of his own, like not staying in the stroller or cart. And darn it he has enough words that I understand when he says ALL DONE! Waving his hands wildly as he signs the same thing. Grrr. Today he refused to stay in the stroller. I pulled out all my best tricks; candy, fruit snacks and oooh oooh. Nothing. So while we waited for the fabric cutting counter he was able to get out.

And back in it would seem
What is wrong with this picture when the child is in the basket and the fabric is in the chair? I bet I look like mother of the year! Not the first or last time I am sure.

Such a sad day. My good little shopping buddy is long gone it seems! *sniffle* At least today he was willing to hold onto the stroller while he walked. Wonder how long that will last?!

*not saying cause he is still trying to get it out of me and I refuse to be foiled by my blog!


Amy H said...

oh yes, I remember the day when Matthew 'grew out of' the cart. I have been told they will enjoy getting back in someday... In the meantime, I manage to let him walk next to me or better yet, shop when he can stay home with daddy!

Jaimey said...

Oooh, shopping without the child?! Whats that?! :) J/K I do get out sometimes without him. Until now I enjoyed it with him. :(

Anonymous said...

haha! i love this. i love reading others blogs, cause i love to write them too! but i wish you lived closer! i am a craft freak. no room for a craft room, but every year i try to pick up something new. this year i've made it my mission to learn to sew well enough to put together my own patterns! but i know how to do so many other things... i feel like martha stewart!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous by the way is Vanessa Williams! lol! don't know why it did that! wish you the best and happy holidays!