Thursday, December 11, 2008

Procrastination, I love procratination

Fa La la laLALA! Oh tis the season to sit on my ever growing fat ass and read blogs. And that is exactly what I have been doing. I meant to bake tonight and work on the Christmas gifts that are now going to be late (Sorry parents- they are going to be late- I suck :) I sat down to check my email and eat dinner at 7. Oops, its 1040. Doh. Anyway, I got caught up on all of my friends blogs and it was quite lovely. My friend Erin is preggers and going through the same fears and tears as most pregnant woman so I wrote her a novel of an email too. I have known Erin since Jr high- or is it elementary... I think elementary but I could be wrong. That is a long A$$ time.

I have had some wine. Wine is good. :) this is why we don't blog on wine. Its like drunk dialing but there is a semi- permanent record of your transgressions. Oh well.

There was a point to this blog, I am sure of it. ummm, right, oh yes, procrastination. I have been feeling so blah this year. I guess it could be that this is the worst year of my entire life. Or that we have no job so I can't spend anything on gifts like before. Either one of those could do it but together... and then you ad on top of it that I should still be pregnant! I should be looking down at my Huge tummy rubbing my baby and planning a future. Instead I am not. I am looking at the fat belly that is left behind, the only constant reminder that I just gave birth 9 weeks ago. I feel like my body should at least get to snap back (as if it did that with G too! LOL) but it seems that is not in the cards either.

Someday I am sure our luck will change and we will possibly be happy again but for now not so much. So here I sit procrastinating even more. Hoping that the season for giving and receiving will give me the gift of moving on by. This year I get the gift of a morgage being paid before the money runs out next month.

Bah humbug!


Its just me said...

oh Jaimie...I am so sorry to hear about everything. You still have one child that you can pour into and crazy as it seems, God is in the bad things too.
Be encouraged, Dear One, that your life will again be ok. We will be praying you through this season of your life.
Take care and I look forward to keeping in touch via blogger instead of myspace..

Anonymous said...

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