Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oregon Zoo Lights

Tonight we bundled up and headed to the Oregon Zoo for Zoo lights. We have never been until now, partly because we didn't have a child who would enjoy it and, honestly, partly because we didn't have a membership and would have had to pay for it.

We went to Zoo lights with our friends Geneva and James and their little boy Jimmy who is just about 2 months or so younger than Grayson.

Grayson loved it, even though he was very tired from not taking his nap today. One of those days where he was in his bed for an hour and them I heard him playing, I left him in there another hour and finally tried to get him to sleep by rocking. After a few minutes it became clear that he was not going to nap.

Grayson mostly rode on his daddy perch but took a little ride on a stone animal in the play area.

This funny Polar bear could not see a thing- he/she kept trying to lift up the head to see through the MOUTH who they were hugging. Half the time the head was pointed the wrong way from the kids they were talking to! Its a good thing he/she had a personal guide!

Some of the gorgeous lights.

This is the middle of the zoo, a big ampatheatre that is used for shows and things normally, but this time of year its a sea of lighted animals.

This is my favorite pic- I love walls and bridges etc. I love curves.

Friends with the iphone- this is with the night camera ap- its ok- it works but it takes pics all on its own. A little hard to get used to.
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eireann said...

WOW. reminds me of the festival of lights at the wild animal park when we were kids (do they still do that, do you know?) - but looks way more awesome.

Jaimey said...

Hi Erin, I don't know if they still have that or not but its a lot like that. The oregon zoo is a bit sad though- very small compared to the world famous w.a.p. and zoo. :) It was fun though.

Amy H said...

Hey! I know that Wild Animal Park! We used to live in So Cal...

Great pictures, Jaimey! We are looking forward to going this season for Matty's third time. We are planning on waiting until after Christmas though, because last year we went when I think the entire state of Oregon decided to go, too. =)