Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh Christmas Treeeeee! Oh Christmas Treeeeee!

This last weekend we went to one of Zack's friends tree farm to pick out our tree.
Here she is- isn't she gorgeous! Look at those curves! Ha, I crack myself up. :)
How many men does it take to cut down an 18 foot tall tree.
Here is us with our kill!

Grayson was a tired boy! Here he is with his hand still in his fries and nuggets- sound asleep.
Zack up on the ladder showing how tall it in in the windows. We "beat" the neighbors in the cul de sac who had it up into the second panes, we got into the third panes! Again I crack myself up!
And here she is all dressed up! SO pretty.
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Geneva said...

Holy smokes! That thing is HUGE!! Looks just gorgeous, but I'd expect no less :)

Amy H said...

I loved seeing it as we drove home the other night (it was fun hanging out with you, by the way). How in the world did you get that thing home??? You must have felt like the Griswalds. =)
The picture of Grayson asleep with his hands in his food is so cute!

eireann said...

OH MY HECK i did not realize there were normal people, whom i know personally, who put trees like that in their houses. i thought those were only for places like malls and government buildings! :) that tree is ginormous!

i love the silver and lights, it looks so beautiful. and it must be gorgeous at night when it sparkles.

mcbetty said...

Would love to see a picture of your tree all lit up from outside your house.