Monday, December 22, 2008

Hillsboro Blizzard 2008

So as I have been posting for the last year- oh I mean 2 weeks- we are in a blizzard. That is what they are calling it at this point. I have always wanted to live where it snows and I think I would still. That being said I am TOTALLY over the snow! And as Grayson would say "All Duh! All Done!" (Waves hands wildly to sign as punctuation)

I went out today because we got chains for my van and I still had some shopping to do and it had to get done. All was well when I left. It was about 32* and some of the snow was melting. I picked up my friend Di and off we went to Costco and Joann's and such. We were gone a few hours. I dropped her back off and turned off of her side street onto a larger more traveled street (from Cedar to Brookwood for those in the know- headed toward TV hwy) and no sooner had I gotten back on Brookwood and I was sliding sideways! I was doing less than 10 mph and going completely straight! The groves in the road

like these
were completely frozen again and slick! It had dropped to 28* by this point. I just kept saying "please don't hit me! Please don't hit me!" As there was a truck headed right for my tail end. They managed to avoid me and I was able to steer into it so I only ended up sideways instead of backwards in the snow drift. Then I got turned back around, VERY slowly!

I decided Brookwood was WAY too slick to do the turns coming up not far from where I was and I didn't want to end up head first in the flood plain underneath the curves so I turned off onto a side road to connect with a less curvey road ( Bently to 32nd) and finally- white knucking it all the way- made it home. Phew! I was the slow guy everyone was glaring at but I was so scared I would fly off the road.

In the back of my mind I had my friend Tricia's accident
and even though G was safe and sound at home with Zack, it worried me to be out alone and potentally unsafe. Anyway, All is well. I won't be driving again any time soon. I will leave that to Zack who has more experience in the snow and I will stay cozy at home or in my toasty heated passengar seat.

Here are some fun pictures around my house and area.

Icecicles hanging from our roof, taken out our bedroom window.

A kid shaking the branches on a tree by Di's house.

I love this little bush, only about knee high, covered in ice and snow.

Like I was saying before, I wouldn't mind living where it snows, as long as they own as many plows as it takes to keep the streets clean and safer. Hillsboro owns a few plow attachments for trucks that is it. I have personally seem 2 but those were on days that it was relatively friendly on the streets. Now we have 12-20 inches and 2-3 foot drifts and they are nowhere to be seen. Maybe they gave up cause this is the most snow they have seen in 20 or so years!
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Amy H said...

Scary, Jaimey! I haven't ventured out to drive anywhere since Friday. I have to do some shopping tomorrow and am hoping Dan will drive me!

1snappyfamily said...

That is SO crazy! I can't believe it, that's NUTS!

eireann said...

thank goodness you are safe! sometimes brian gets on me for driving like a little old lady, but he is always glad when i get there safely. i am sure zack and grayson appreciated you coming home in one piece more than they would have been annoyed that you took longer to get there.

and anyways, that's what hubbies are for, to be our knights in shining armor and and chauffeurs so we can get to where we need to go safely. ;)

Its just me said...

Wow!! At least your safe. I love the pic of the frozen bush...made me think o fMoses and the burning bush...hahah.