Saturday, December 27, 2008

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!

We started the day off about 730, and after Grayson got his juice and a snack to start the day (whatever he wanted cause hey its Christmas! He chose cheetos!) we went and opened our stockings. Mostly candy and such. Grayson got some bath crayons and water color change tablets in his too.

Here is G headed into the Living room to see his presents and open the real loot!

He went right to the Train table from Papa Bill (Thank you!), he loves it and goes in there all the time to play with it! Eventually it will move to the family room but until the trees come down it stay there.

And after we (mostly) opened gifts. Trashed.

Grayson LOVES his cape he got from Uncle Chad and Aunt Anna. Thank you!

He does this great Schoooo sound as he races around the house! It's so cute. Other fun loot he got, an easel and race track from Grandma Linda Buquet (thank you!) which he loves.
I hear DRAW at least 4 times a day. I put his easel (pictured above) in my craft room so he has a place to work while I do. :) It's really cute! He also got an aquadoodle and an outfit (he is wearing the shirt above) from Grandpa and Gammie Buquet, a cool matching puzzle type book from Grandparents Egan. Thank you! Our friends Wade and Di gave him some puzzles and we got him a few little things and the sweater I made.

Thank you everyone who made this Christmas special!
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