Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Oh bugger!

I went for an interview yesterday that I thought for sure I had the job. I thought I was a shoe in. And since they said they would probably have me come work half days the rest of the week and start full time next week for their 17 month old son, I was sure the job was mine. Yay! Until today. I had not heard a word about working tomorrow so I emailed thanking them for the lovely meeting and asking about more details for when they wanted me to come. I heard nothing back. I later called to get the same info and ended up leaving a message since there was no answer.

While I was putting Grayson down for the night I got an email saying that they had hired someone else today and that they had meant to call me. Sorry? Wait what?! Did I miss something?! I thought I was starting tomorrow or Thursday?! Arg. Pisses me off. So now I am deflated and sad just when I felt like I got a slight re-inflation (Is that a word!?)

So still we are jobless and one day closer to homelessness. Fabulous!

I'm screwed.

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eireann said...

it's okay, i will have faith for you. just before christmas the bank deposited my paycheck into the wrong bank account, and i got two overdraft fees. they would only refund one because i accidentally wrote one number wrong on the deposit slip, even though they (supposedly) verified my account number by my atm card and my identity by my driver's license. so i was out $30 and we are very tight on money right now also. i was despairing how i would ever finish my christmas gifts and get brian the cd he really wanted, and the next day when i got home from work my grandparents had sent my christmas gift - a $200 check. i started crying, i was so relieved, because now i could make sure christmas would happen for my family, and we could manage for another day. so, your prayers will be answered too even when you faith is weak, because even though i prayed about it i honestly thought i would have to "help myself," but then that check came!

go hug your boys, because this too shall pass. :)