Monday, December 15, 2008

Jobs, life update

I realized today that I have not really just updated on life lately. So we are hanging in there, but by a thread. Zack is still looking diligently for a job. He is online and the phone for close to 8 hours a day most days and still nothing. I chalk it up to being the end of the year and budgets and the holidays. We are hopeful. He has had a few interviews and some interest. But still nothing yet. Unfortunately since he was self employed we are not able to get unemployment. We are using the last of our cash and then we are out. It's looking pretty bleak. He is still waiting to hear back from his last interview so we will see, if not, hopefully quickly after the first of the year.

I am also looking back to work. I am looking for a nanny position I can take Grayson with me to. So far I have found something for Friday's only. But most people want to pay $2 an hour on Craigslist but then when you ad in that I want to bring G and and they want to pay less. I just hate the idea of leaving his in daycare to go watch someone else's children. ugh. I keep looking everyday but again with the end of the year/ holidays thing and not many people are highering. I am trying to work with one of the agencies I previously worked with but its hard to place when there are nannies own children involved. So my question for you dear readers Do you know anyone looking for a nanny? I need full time- any hours (I'd like mon- thur but can cancel my fridays if I have to) Thanks!

Jesse (my brother who lives with us) is looking as well now as he was laid off a month ago or so. He has been looking everywhere but so far nothing has panned out.

Anyway, that is us in a nut shell. I am trying to be optimistic but its a lot stressful when I know the money runs out soon and then what? Fingers and toes are crossed that some thing happens soon. Please say a little prayer and cross all your parts for us too. :) I know there are many people out there who are in a similar position and the economy sucks and while I feel better knowing I am not alone, it doesn't help that there are so many other people looking for jobs. Oregon's unemployment rate rose to 8.1% in November which is up 50% over the last 6 months. Not good.

Sigh. I hope all of you are faring better than us. Hug your loved ones tight this holiday season and hang on tight to your jobs.


Christa Van said...

Call me so I can give you some info. on a gal at baby boot camp that is looking for a nanny.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaimey,

You could start your own daycare in your home. Just a thought!

Jaimey said...

Christa- calling you now!

Anonymous- have thought about it, and its a last resort...getting close. You make NO money at it though...

Gina said...

You sound like us, my husband lost his job a while back and has had no luck. Right now he is waiting tables at night and interviewing and applying for jobs during the day. I am a nanny too! We'll add your to our prayers.

Leslie said...

What about taking in just one child in your home in lieu of running a daycare out of the home. Also, have you considered working for a high-end daycare? That way Grayson could go to work with you. He probably couldn't be in your class, but he'd be in the same building.