Saturday, December 27, 2008

Things I made for Christmas

This Christmas (and actually most) I made all of our gifts.
There are more than is pictured but I forgot to take pics of everything. Oops.

This is Jeremiah's hat and turtle friend. It is made of an up-cycled wool sweater and roving.

Turtle, turtle!

The scarf's I made for Diana and Geneva. Made from fleece and fabric.

A coffee cozy I made for James my friend Geneva's hubby. Also made from an up-cycled wool sweater.

The hat I made for Jesse, also a matching scarf. Also, you guessed it, made from an up-cycled wool sweater! I love those sweaters!

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eireann said...

your gifts are so beautiful! i love that word "up-cycling" too. it sounds so much nicer than "recycled." i am almost ashamed to post photos of my homemade gifts because they do not hold a candle to yours. you are really talented!

Styledbaby Boutique, Cafe, Playhouse said...

Wow, your Christmas gifts are so beautiful! I hope your niece loves the sweater. It's gorgeous!