Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thankful Thursday! 34 weeks.

Now that is a big belly!

Today I am Thankful for
1. being 34 weeks pregnant... and hopefully only having 6 weeks or less to go. It feels like I have been pregnant for-EVER!
Probably because of how it went with Jonathan. At the end of the day we had empty arms. This almost feels like a continuation of that. I am glad we can see the end in sight.

2. for the kindness of strangers. You know who you are. Thank you.

3. The holiday season. I love it. Even working retail. Even being pregnant working retail. :)

4. My friend Corie for lending me her ornaments for my big tree this year (and the last 2) Our tree would be very naked (actually we just wouldn't have one) if it were not for her and her generosity.

5. Our tree source who sells us an 18' tree (or whatever we end up picking- this weekend post to come) for $20. It truly is a blessing.

Pregnancy Stats:
weight gain~ 6 lbs
new stretch marks~ 0
vericose veins~ 0
sciatic nerve~ Alive and well and rearing its ugly head mostly on the left now that he is head down.
hip displacement~a little calmer since I have been seeing a massage therapist.

Now if someone would tell my child that he is in a small cramped short stay motel room rather than the roomy presidential suite that would be great. :P
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rae ann said...

that's one adorable belly! i can't believe you're escaping with only a 6 lb gain! awesome!

here's a shot of my belly the night i went into labor with ivy. oy.