Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oregon Weather Report

A few days ago I looked at my iphone's weather report for the week. For today it had listed a combo of rain and a few flakes. Okay fine.

Yesterday's weather report said for today that we might have a few flakes but it probably wouldn't stick.

They were wrong.


It snowed.

And snowed. And stuck.

And snowed some more.

This is not long after I left work for the evening at 430.

There is between 2-3" stuck. Luckily, I live only a few miles from work. I hate driving in the snow. I did try to get up our (tiny) driveway, only to almost slide into Zack's car.


I gave up. That is my van across the street.
I decided with our luck lately there was no point in pushing it!

Only in Oregon can you leave for work in the morning in a sweatshirt (granted it was 34*) and need a snow suit/parka by afternoon!
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1snappyfamily said...

So cool! We're jealous down here!