Tuesday, December 22, 2009

a Kitchen for Grayson!

I can't remember if I blogged it or not but last year Zack started to work on a play kitchen for Grayson.
One thing led to another and it just didn't get finished. Saturday, he finally finished it. I LOVE how it looks and can't wait to see Grayson's face when he gets to play with it Christmas morning. :) I am so proud of my handy hubby!

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Kathleen said...

That is too cute! Yay for Santa Daddy!

Amy H said...

I'm very impressed!! Except I don't believe you that he made it...the white background on your photo makes it look like it came from Target. ;b

Heidi said...

That's awesome!

Anonymous said...

I photo shopped the photo because I took the photos in our Garage and it was really messy.

So there Amy.