Friday, December 25, 2009


I tend to gravitate toward the traditional. I love being a stay at home mom, making dinner and baking and having those traditional roles. I love everything domestic.
Except dishes and laundry but really who likes those?
I love to have routines. Traditions.

Every year I strive to have a better and better Christmas for my child(ren).

For as long as Zack and I have been together we have gone driving to see Christmas lights in the area. We have hidden a pickle ornament in our tree. We have started our Christmas morning as we both did as children. Stockings first. Then gifts.
(we were usually made to wait in our families for a bit, for parents to wake up or breakfast but we don't wait!)
Two years ago we started the tradition of cutting down our own Christmas tree.
Last year we started doing an Advent Calendar that we got from Costco.
This year we started a few new traditions. A paper ring chain, counting down the days to Christmas. And of leaving a note to Santa, cookies and milk.

So tell me. What are your traditions?

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Lizzieborden said...

Since we have been married we open one gift on Christmas Eve. The other tradition is that Jake untangles the lights when he's here, I hang them and Ron watches! haha.