Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

As 2009 comes to a close I am reminded of this time last year. We were in much the same place but even still I think we are in SO much of a better place mentally than last year.

Last year my Goals were these:
1. Support my husband in his getting of a job

2. Get a job
CHECK- got two

3. Attempt to keep house, like literally
CHECK- and then up in the air again

4. Try to keep my cool better and not get annoyed as easily
(this might be more of a resolution...)
CHECK- but hey I can't take all the credit.

5. Try to get over my fear of getting pregnant and get pregnant

6. Be the best mommy I can be to Grayson
sadly I don't I can CHECK this one. Too little time with him, too little quality playing when I was. :(

7. Get organized in my head, heart, life and house
partial check

8. Maintain a workout routine.
I would like for this one to be lose weight but if I achieve #5 that just won't be possible
HAHAHAHAHAHAH!- unless Target counts then CHECK

9. Be kind with my words but first in my heart
CHECK- still a work in progress but I feel good about it

10. Try to be less of a hermit and call my friends more
CHECK- sort of. Friends have come and gone and I am pretty busy, but when I can I do.

This year my goals are about the same.
I want to be the best mom and wife I can be and enjoy my life.
Whatever that means.

I am not going to write a laundry list again even though I feel pretty good about the list I accomplished last year.

I guess you could say my New Years Resolution is 'KISS'.
Keep it simple stupid. :)

Happy New Year friends and family alike! Hugs and I hope 2010 is an amazing year for all of us!


Susan Shaw said...

Ah, I finally found the comment button! My new year's resolution has got to be learning how to respond to Face Book and Blogs! Carolyn reminds me that you have to "eat a frog" first thing in the morning. Translation = Do the hardest thing first. Jaimey, I am impressed with your 2009 New Year's Resolution List. I, for one, think you are doing an amazing job as wife and mother, daughter and friend. It all starts with the heart's desire (which is really an unspoken prayer) and then grows in the thought before it's expressed in 'real life experience.' Since you have been blessed with a good heart and an open mind, you're way ahead. Realize that all this good stuff is supplied by a good and loving God, so it can't be lost, stolen, buried or suppressed. Your love, creativity, health and strength are unique to you and renewable every morning (even on the way to Target). Thanks for sharing your boundless sense of wonder in person and through your blog and Facebook. Here's wishing you big blessings in 2010.

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