Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ruffles and Ruffles

A while back I saw this tutorial for this skirt. It was a freeby but now you have to pay for the pdf.
Here is the original blog skirt- I think. Here is a less detailed one too.
I got inspired. It is SO cute and I am a sucker for ruffles!

(Please Universe let me have a girl someday. amen.)

So what have we here? A pile of ruffles. Oh yes!

And here is the almost finished skirt.

Tada! All done. I hope Sophie likes it. She got it for her 6th birthday the 24th.
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mo said...

So cute!!!

Real Live Lesbian said...

I LOVE IT! And I'm not a girly girly girl...but on a girly would be amazing!

Here's hoping the universe answers that prayer! ;)