Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thankful Thursday! 35 weeks.

Today I am Thankful for:

1. Being 35 weeks pregnant. He seems to be growing well, he feels HUGE to me... but then again when your middle third has a life of its own it tends to feel HUGE so I am not a good judge I guess. Hard to believe that I could have this baby in the next few weeks and by the end of January he will be here for sure. Ready or not!

2. My friend Di, who helped me paint the base coat on Hotdog's room. I hope to get the mural done before he is here, but *ahem* is all up to Geneva's schedule (no pressure! :P really!) Pics to follow when its finished.

3. My hubby is doing such a nice job of keeping the house tidy and clean. I could not do that on top of working 50 (average) hours a week. It looks gorgeous when I come home and it makes me very happy. I feel so much more stress when my house is in chaos.

4. My hubby and son for doing the Christmas decorating (most of it) while I was working. (Makes me a little sad but I just don't have time for everything I would like to do.) They did a great job and its lovely!

5. That no matter what happens in the next few weeks I know we will be ok. Things might get worse before they get better but we always float back up. I guess it just makes that saying true... Hope floats. :)


Geneva said...

I can probably come work on your mural during the week after Christmas. If I come without Jimmy, I might be able to knock it out in a day.

Jen said...

I think your attitude to all of your adversity is pretty kick ass! You're definitely a cool chica.

Jaimey said...

G- sounds great. I will look forward to it. Guess I should look into some acrylics.

Jen- I try not to have a choice. Though today was not as hopeful of a day. :(