Saturday, December 19, 2009

Thanful Thursday- Saturday edition. :)

Sorry this is a bit delayed. Thursday was my LOOOONG day this week. I worked my nanny job from 11-430 then ran G home to Zack and went to Target from 515-midnight. Very long day indeed. I had no chance or will to blog. Yesterday I worked my nanny job* then ran home and finished Sophie's skirt. {more on that tomorrow}

So without further delay! Today I am Thankful for:
1. Being in my 37th week of pregnancy. I officially have 26 days left (but whose counting!?) until my EDD. I have still only gained about 5 lbs. My midwife assures us he is growing fine. Have I told you lately I am DONE. I am so ready for him to get out! :)

2. My very generous father and Zack's very generous mother. Between the two and their very helpful monetary gifts for Christmas I am not feeling as weighed down to work so hard (40-60 hours lately.) Nor am I am worried about going immediately back to work at T was soon as baby is born. I was planning only a 2 week "maternity leave", now it will be more like a month to 6 weeks, unless Zack gets a job. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! We really appreciate it.

3. T and their team member relief fund. I always knew that T was generous in the community and I asked our HR if there was any help for team members. Turns out there is a one time gift of up to $500. We applied and received $400. That also helps a ton.

4.* My nanny family. I worked late on Thursday and then got a text message the next morning that I wasn't needed until 11, instead of 730. And they came to our house. We made "gingerbread" houses out of graham crackers. I later found out when their mom, Lesley, picked them up that she partly had me start late because I had worked so late. So thank you.

5. On the same note. Thank you Lesley and Sam for the generous gift of an extra week of paid maternity leave. I now have a full month off.

So I guess there are really angels watching out for us right now. I am feeling the holiday spirit more than ever this holiday season. Thank you to everyone who has helped a little or a lot. We really appreciate it and know that this bump in our road is mearly that. We will get through this and we better for it. And for that I am Thankful.

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1snappyfamily said...

You're making this preggie lady down in San Diego get all choked up! Loved the post...and I'm so glad that there angels watching out for you guys! We pray for you guys so fervently!

Love you!