Monday, December 21, 2009

Thank you!

Dear "Santa's Helper",
Thank you for the money you sent.
It was a very sweet surprise and we are thankful and always in awe of the kindness of "strangers" and loved ones a like.

(I blog this because I have a feeling its someone who reads.
And without a signature or return address I cannot properly thank them.)

(Also, if you were the person who sent the chocolate covered strawberries after we returned home from having Jonathan I am still thankful for that kind gesture and it still bothers me that I cannot properly thank you.)

If either one of you would like to come out of the wood work so I can thank you properly, that would be lovely! ~J

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rae ann said...

i think the lesson here is to learn to accept gifts for what they are and not for where they came from. ;) i hate that lesson.

someone once told me that i was great at giving and terrible at receiving. after pondering for a bit and going through various excuses and a bit of denial, i realized, they were right. i'm still no good at receiving, but i'm getting better.

i'm not trying to be critical (and i feel like i'm coming off as a bitch). i just think that there's a little something in here for you.