Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ho Ho, in the flesh!

Yesterday we decided to go to the mall and visit Santa. We had visited once before when we met a friend at the mall play area for a play date last month. He was a great Santa and since we had not dressed up for the occasion, I really wanted to get back for a proper picture.

Here is G waiting patiently in line.
For an hour and half.
Notice he is wearing his super hero cape from last Christmas.
We just unpinned it from being too long!

Finally he got his turn. He hopped right up on Santa's lap and told him he wanted a candy cane for Christmas.
(he said the same thing last time)

Santa finally got him to say he'd like a "special present- maybe a race car!"
Then they hugged and G hopped off and out we went.

And on the way home he fell asleep.
Hey, even a Superhero has to sleep!
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