Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

I wish everyone who reads this blog a Happy New Year!

Resolutions! ahhh resolutions. Who has them? Lose weight, gain prosperity. Lose the drama, gain an education. They really run the gamete.

This year mine are not really resolutions so much as goals, I know same thing right, well not really. A resolution is something you want to do differently than you have been doing it previously. Save money because you have been too frivolous. Lose weight because you have been too glutenous. Mine are goals because while I NEED change, much of this year has been beyond my control. I have goals to change things but can't be too resolute about many of them.

My Goals:
1. Support my husband in his getting of a job
2. Get a job
3. Attempt to keep house, like literally
4. Try to keep my cool better and not get annoyed as easily
(this might be more of a resolution...)
5. Try to get over my fear of getting pregnant and get pregnant
6. Be the best mommy I can be to Grayson
7. Get organized in my head, heart, life and house
8. Maintain a workout routine.
I would like for this one to be lose weight but if I achieve #5 that just won't be possible
9. Be kind with my words but first in my heart
10. Try to be less of a hermit and call my friends more

That's them in all their glory
What are yours?

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