Sunday, January 4, 2009

To write their Names in the Sand

You never know when life will throw you a curve. This year has been full of trials for my family. We know that eventually things will straighten out and get us back on the path we were once on.

Many people are connected through the losses of their children. Whether in pregnancy or shortly after birth or later. The loss is great and infinitely devastating and heart breaking. There is no way to know the pain you will feel, how many times your heart will break when you relive the moments your life changed forever. Everyday I grow a little more from this experience and know that everything happens for a reason and while Jonathan may not have lived to change the world, he changes the world a little bit every day from his place in all of our little hearts.

I was contacted by a lovely Angel today, Jen, who brought me this blog spot. It is dedicated to writing passed on children's names in the sand on the beaches of Australia.

They are amazing. Their photographs are gorgeous and I hope to get my sweet Jonathan's name written when they start taking names later in the month. I will let you know if its posted and have the photo here.

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Marlyn said...

Jaimey, thank you for sharing that site. I hope you can get Jonathan's name written. What an inspired idea it is -- writing the names in the sand -- the symbolism is just beyond beautiful. Happy New Year.