Friday, January 9, 2009

Things are looking up!

I hate that the last year has been nothing but sadness and bummer things on this blog. I hate that I have not had better to write about. But I think things are looking up. My spirits seem to be anyway.

~I have an interview tomorrow for a job twice a week.
~I have another interview for a different job twice a week on Wednesday or Thursday.
~both I can take G to.
~I love, love, love the family I am working for on Friday. Now if I could just get Mom to go back to work more time
~My van got a boo-boo the other day (long story short Zack hit a curb in the ice and broke my tire off) The estimate from the body place was $1700 and since we forgot to drop our deductible it was $1000 before they would cover anything! yikes. So we called our wonderful mechanic, Dave, and he was able to beat it by $500! Yeah! And he will take payments! We so appreciate this!
~We found out this month that the credit union we have our car loans at has a two month per year payment skipping program, just in case you need it. So this month were we run out of money, we skipped the payment.
~I have worked for G diapers in their booths and Grayson has modeled for them, all in exchange of diapers. To say I have a surplus is an understatement. I listed 13 of them on a used diaper website today (they were new) and got what I was asking with in hours of posting them! $184 richer!

These may all seem like little things but since last year it was nothing but lists and lists of bad things in a row, at least I am able to find a few good things in a row. Hey, maybe its like Elle and Erin keep saying. Maybe things are turning around in 09.


Natalie said...

Yeah Jaimey! I'm so glad things are looking up for you. You know what they say... "This is the year for change"!

1snappyfamily said...

Yeah!! That's awesome! So glad to hear that you've got a couple interviews. And what a blessing that you can bring G! Hopefully things will continue to look up! We love you guys so much.