Friday, January 9, 2009

Terrific Twos!

They say its the Terrible 2's but I have never agreed. Its three's I have always thought were horrible. More on that another time. I have always loved the 2's because they are so excited to learn and discover new things. Everything is funny and even when they are naughty its usually in a "learning something new and trying to figure it all out sort of way" rather than just being naughty (like 3's!)

Which brings me to tonight. Grayson turns 2 next Tuesday. In the last week he is all of a sudden full of new words and doing all kinds of exciting new things. We talk a lot over his head and we keep reminding each other that we need to be more careful. Tonight Zack took G to Lowes to get somethings for the gift he is making G and he let G do the ringing up at the self serve check out counter. When they finished Zack told G he did a good job and he was the Boss. G looks at him and says "No. Mama boss, Dada boss". This was totally out of the blue. This is something we say sometimes, we usually ask G who is the boss is and he sometimes participates. (I am by the way- as if there was ever any question) He has also started climbing like crazy.

Tonight we learned that our little boy is almost cut down the middle equally sweet and naughty. He went and got a cloth napkin out of the drawer and was wiping up some milk that splashed out of his sippy cup on the dining room table while we were eating (us, not him, he refused his dinner- another new thing...) Then while we were commenting on what a good job he was doing cleaning up he flicked the straw on his cup so it spilled again... making another mess to sweetly clean up! He would wipe it up and immediately look up for approval.

Then when I took away his napkin to try and prevent this super fun game he climbed on the table to get it back. Before I knew it he was kneeling in the middle of my dining room table. I asked him where his tushie belonged- I thought implying that his butt belonged on the chair! But apparently he takes hints like his father cause he said "table" and sat down.

Now I know somewhere in San Diego my father is giving a high five to Sharon and saying pay back is a bitch and to that I reply, I was perfect and there is no one (if they know what is good for them) who will say otherwise... except you. And you can be replaced! :)

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1snappyfamily said...

SERIOUSLY....Amen to that "terrible three's" comment! I couldn't agree more-it's the story of my life these days. =)

Its just me said...

Im totally laughing!!! Been there and much much more!! Hang in there girl! Once, my middle daughter painted with her poop. Now that was fun!

Main Street Mom said...

Since my 9 year old was 3 I have been saying the same thing....My theory is that since most women go back to work sometime between 2 and 3...That is why we only hear about terrible two!!!!

Two is totally tons of fun!