Sunday, January 11, 2009

Help! Save small businesses from CPSIA

One of my favorite little boutiques (the one who originally had my Lovey Doodle Diapers) may be closing soon! With the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, designed to protect our children from unsafe levels of lead in toys it is also written so poorly that many many small businesses will be forces to close their doors after February 10 2009. I am one of them. If this Act does not get changed from its current wording, I will be forced to never make a diaper again for sale. These laws are very strict in the lead testing for everything potentially for a child, which is good but to the extreme that they want these things tested is idiotic.

The companies that are left standing are left with so much higher costs that they will have to raise their rates drastically.

We can let our voices be heard. And heard and heard and heard! Take a moment to visit this link: simply enter your name and address, and a prewritten letter will be emailed to your members of Congress letting them know that changes need to be made so that we can keep America's children safe without destroying American businesses.

NBD stands for National Bankruptcy Day - a name given to February 10th, 2009 because of the number of companies expected to go under. Don't let us disappear silently.

For more info please check out StyledBabyDesigns blog or google CPSIA (you get all kinds of fun things with that like all the people just like me who have to have fire sales for CPSIA). thank you for helping!

Here are some other links I found helpful:
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