Monday, November 30, 2009


(update at bottom)

I love this age because G is so vocal yet he makes up his own stuff too.
For example:
"Ho-Ho" is Santa.

his "Ho-Ho" suit (giant stocking)

his "marble" (snow globe)

"you happy?" he asks this no less than 5 times a day. We think it started because when he is naughty I tell him "that behavior does NOT make Mommy happy."

Needless to say this boy provides hours of entertainment. I love watching him learn and discover his world.

Tonight we were walking through Dollar Tree looking for things for G's advent calendar and Grayson was on Zack's shoulders. Zack picked up a puzzle book and threw it toward the cart. He missed and muttered "oh Damnit" under his breath with a giggle...

Wouldn't you know it, moments later, Grayson said "Daddy said "oh Damnit" in the cutest little baby voice he has. We could not stop laughing. So he repeated it again... and again... until I told him that it was not a kid word, just a (naughty) daddy word. Oi.

Here we go!
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Kara said...

I love your family picture! You look
great, I can't believe you are as far
along as you are!

eireann said...

your family christmas picture turned out so beautiful!!!

i love "ho-ho." my girlfriend was telling me just the other day that when her daughter was little, she loved it when my friend would drive by the "hurry-hurry station" so kayla could see the "hurry-hurry trucks" (fire trucks).

Jaimey said...
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Jaimey said...

Thanks Cara, I like the pic too. Much better than the stiff clothes we were wearing in the one I didn't pick.

Erin- Thanks! I love the hurry hurry station. The little one I nanny calls it a Ro-Ro (as in the sound it makes.) gotta love two.