Monday, November 9, 2009

That time of year again?!

The Saturday after Halloween I arrived at work bright and early (8) to find I now worked in a winter wonderland... If you have been inside one of these stores lately you also know that hangning from the ceilings is DOZENS of these giant snowflakes. DOZENS. In November! Along with more Merry Christmas signs. In November!

Poor Turkey. No love for the Turkey

I am so not ready for the holidays, least of all THAT one... Sigh


Heidi said...

My Target is not decked out like that. Yet.

eireann said...

brian always wants to decorate the house for christmas in mid-november. i refuse to allow anything even remotely christmas-y until after thanksgiving, which also happens to be my favorite holiday. I LOVE THE TURKEY.

Jenny said...

I hear ya, what happened to the turkey, Happy Harvest, Happy Thanksgiving, etc.....I love the turkey too!