Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thankful Thurday- 30 weeks pregnant!

See the far left corner of the building? Ya, take that line and wrap it around that and bring it back to about the same point one the other side and that is the line I stood in Tuesday night for the h1n1 vaccination. Luckily, I was somewhere in the middle of what it ended up being, otherwise I would have waited over 3 hours for nothing.

I got into the building to hear someone say that they were running low on the shot version. If you can take the nasal spray please do. Pregnant woman can't I am told because it is the live virus and more likely to make you sick, being pregnant your defenses are down anyway. I had already chosen the nasal for Grayson but seeing the line weaving in front of me I wasn't feeling all that comforted.

I normally don't really worry about vaccinations. In fact I would prefer not to vax for most things but my husband refuses to allow this as an option (and I also believe herd immunity has gotten us where we are today with many fatal diseases being mostly wiped out) so G is vax'ed and our future children will be as well.

This flu originally had me laughing, haha, pandemic whatever! But I have a good friend whose husband is the Infectious Disease Expert for Oregon. I said when he was worried I would be too. He got worried. He passed along that I should get the shot. After reading that 27% of pregnant woman who enter the hospital with h1n1 (they have not really seen the seasonal flu so if you have the flu it's more than likely h1n1) don't come back out... I was convinced. Couple that with being a cashier at Target who has had a HUGE portion of people come through my line with some form of cough and cold medicine... you can see how I would end up in that line.

I tried to get it from my Dr. they ran out the day before I came in for an apt. Costco was kind enough to supply my seasonal vax (another 2 hour line- with 2 boys that day! KILL ME NOW)
Anyway, I ended up getting the vax last night but only because I had a guardian Angel on my shoulder. I sat down to talk to the "counselor" to make sure I/ G could get it etc and I mentioned I was totally going to cry if I didn't get it tonight. The announcer came around just then to announce again that they were almost out. When I walked away to get in YET ANOTHER LINE, the counselor walked over to a coordinator who talked to another coordinator, they all pointed at me.

Uh oh.

The second coordinator walked over to me, said they were going to get me the shot but via the round about way and be nonchallant about it please. (What you don't want me screaming from the rafters?! :) She then took me around the back of the line. Grayson and I both got what we needed. Right then and there.

SO long story longer!
Today for Thankful Thursday I am Thankful for:
1. Whatever Guardian Angel/ good luck was with me that night to help us.

2. Being 30 weeks pregnant! Only 70 days left and my fingers are crossed that it will be a few less! ps. I would know by now if it was twins right?! RIGHT?! This baby always seems to have WAY more limbs than I can count and pokes in more directions than seems possible...

3. For great friends who are all seeming to have babies! Welcome to the world Lilah- another Halloween baby. I am so excited for you Belle and David! Parenthood rocks!

4. My house. I know this is probably getting old but I don't want to take a single moment for granted. I am happy we are still here and its ours.

5. Cook books. I planned some more meals to freeze today (it was another thing on hold until we knew what was going on with the house) and I love my cook books. A few of my absolute faves?
Don't Panic dinners in the freezer, Sandra Lee crock pots 1, 2. All very good for Freezer meals!

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Anonymous said...

I am just curious if Grayson had gotten sick from the vaccine. I have been hesitant to get it because it is a live virus!

Jaimey said...

Not even a sniffle. Its tested just as much as the regular seasonal vax, in fact if they'd had enough warning they would have put it in the seasonal vax. I have an inside source. :) email me offline if you want for more info...