Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thankful Thursday! 21 weeks

Ugh. I know this is Thankful Thursday but my dogs are barkin'! I just got off work at Target, a 5 hour shift turned in an 8 hour shift, and my feet are killing me! So on that note!

Tonight I am thankful for:
1. having a job! Even though the hours are ALL over the board and my body feels like its gonna fall apart at the end of the day, its a job and jobs are to be appreciated. Amen. :)

2. being 21 weeks pregnant! That means only 133 days left (+/-)

3. for having the sweetest smartest little boy I know. He was awake but in bed when I got home. As soon as the door closed he was calling for me. Asking me why daddy picked him up instead of me from daycare? and being so excited to see me! I love that. I could seriously cuddle that little boy and kiss his face off all day!

4. the auction for the house being canceled *for now*. We applied for a modification on our mortgage and they are processing our paperwork and while they do the sale is canceled. fingers crossed that it all goes through and we get to keep our house. It is really coming down to the wire but like they say, its not over till the fat lady sings (such a rude sentiment isn't it?)

5. getting my (Aunt Janna's) serger fixed. I tried to make G some "aunerwares" with it and it refused to sew for more than a few stitches and then makes a clanging noise. Not good. grrr. I called my machine guy who said try the tension and change the needles. Check. And a no go. grrr. So another few months go by cause its $$$ to fix and so I bite the bullet and call to see how much it will be to have it looked at. He says so nicely, "we look at it for free but service starts at $109" Yikes! (Aunt Janna- you aren't getting it back any time soon! :P ) I took it in on Tuesday and said TAKE YOUR TIME, hint hint I have no money to pick it up! (oh and what was wrong with it was the alignment was off on the cutter and looper... he said it was probably out of whack when I got it but continued use made it worse, but that it was an "easy"- for him- fix.)

6. my loving amazing husband... Today the fix it guy called and said he was done with my serger! uh oh right!? Nope! Since we had to cancel camping this weekend, due to rain Zack decided to work on Friday anyway, and said I can get "my" serger out of "jail". Yeah! More aunerwares in our future thise weekend. Now if I could just get my son to wear them consistantly! :)

Have a great Labor Day weekend!


eireann said...

1. thanks for the slap. i needed that. was just having a little pity party, and... . :)

2. YAY FOR YOUR HOUSE!!! at least for now. :)

3. re: your serger, the repair guy said mine was having the same problem. apparently the timing can get thrown off if you use it on heavy, thick materials (like diaper soakers... damn, gonna have to find to a new way to make them), even if you adjust the settings for heavy, thick materials. it's just becauase they are not industrial machines. so, just fyi.

Jessica said...

I have been making my sons tons of those cute underwear too! I'm pretty sure we're using the same pattern from TEU, at least. Or similar at least. Its kind of fun (but the smallest size is too big for my little guy!). Anyway, good luck with your serger. I had a ton of problems with mine a year ago but so far its doing better as long as I don't use the blade.

Marlyn said...

I don't think that the "fat lady sings" thing is intended to be rude! It references an actual fat lady! From Wiki:
It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings is a proverb, essentially meaning that one should not assume the outcome of some activity (frequently a sports game) until it has actually finished. The proverb refers to Richard Wagner opera suite Der Ring des Nibelungen and its last part, Götterdämmerung. The "fat lady" is valkyrie Brünhilde, who is traditionally presented as a very buxom lady with horned helmet, spear and round shield. Her aria lasts almost ten minutes and marks the end of the opera.