Friday, September 11, 2009

Nine Eleven

Eight years ago today I was about to leave for work when my boss, Julie, called to see if I had left. She told me to turn on the television. I watched as the twin towers were hit a second time and then fell. FELL. Two giant indestructible buildings. FELL.

My life changed in that moment as did so many peoples across this country. Zack and I had just been married in August (18) and were planning on going to NYC for our honeymoon for Christmas and New Years. I felt so helpless. So small. I watched for hours that day, finally making it to work an hour later. All the while watching the San Diego sky waiting for it to literally fall. Emily (my charge) and I never left the house that day. I was terrified. I watching in petrified silence as the world as I knew it changed. People died in front of my very eyes. I lost it a little bit that day.

The hotel we were supposed to stay in was destroyed, it was next door to the WTC. We decided to go anyway, staying closer to Time Square, if for no other reason than to support NYC with tourism. I am glad we did. We had a wonderful time and while I had always heard New Yorkers were rude and unkind, we experienced none of that. Everyone we came across in our 12 days there was wonderful. Though it was heartbreaking to see the destruction and devistation and lives lost.

It was clearly visible everywhere we went. Signs asking if you have seen this loved one and that. Police lines, trucks hauling debris, tour guides pointing out where the once tallest buildings in the world once stood, survivor lists.

And yet...

Everywhere we went was hope. Hope for the future. Hope for the lives yet to be. Hope to be rebuilt. Hope and love.
This is me, adding to this window of WTC dust near ground zero. I wrote "We love you- from CA."

What I learned that day and in those after and every day since, is to be Thankful for the life we have. It is precous and perilous. There are no promises and tomorrow is not a guarentee. Tell the ones you love, you love them and have hope for the future because that is the best we can do with today.

As the dust cleared and America dusted off her knees and looked around we realized something. We realized that while they could kill our people and knock down our buildings, they can't kill our spirit. We will survive.

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Trish said...

Yeah I had quiet the experience that day considering I was in DC not far from the Pentegon. Took me 6 hours to get home from work that day the terror everywhere, cars in mediums, everyone on cells no signals, it was awful.

Sue and I were in NYC the first saturday of December the same year.