Sunday, September 13, 2009

A morning at the zoo

My friend Dawn and I decided to head to the zoo last week. When I asked her what time would be good for her, she said 8:30 am! Mind you she has TWIN two year olds and lives WAY further than I do! Um, ok, see you then...

It worked out GREAT. All the animals were out and so cute!
I got the best pics of the polar bears I may ever get in my life.

Could this be cuter?!

And this guy, bouncing on the barrel.

The second best part of our day was seeing the baby elephant. He is SO cute. I love seeing him grow. I think this is how Eli's hug. ahh.

He is so playful!

Then we sat and watched the bird show after lunch. We sat pretty close to one of the perches, not that I had ANY idea when we sat. I kept waiting for one of us to get crapped on but we were spared... this time! Grayson was pretty excited about the birds and enthralled with them flying so close, though a little apprehensive about its claws and talons being so close too.

We heart the zoo!

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Miss Y said...

I LOVE that polar bear pic!