Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy serger once again!

See them tiny serger lines? Those make me happy. Can I tell you how much easier making G's underwear is when "my" serger is working?

These are the 4 pair I made this weekend.

And my little model. Thanks buddy. Someday you will hate these blog posts.

And I finished them just in time. I was telling my Fri kids' mom last Friday that I figured G would be 3 and the baby would be here before we had him potty trained. What is that thing my friend Gretchen says?

Oh right!
"Children will always make a liar out of you!"

Saturday morning G was about to poop in his diaper and I asked him if wanted to sit on the potty. He agreed! So we ran to the potty and he did his biz... a few times... and then asked for underwear. Yeah! He has been in them since. And mostly DRY!

Saturday he did great even going out to dinner and staying dry.
Sunday he stayed mostly dry (little bit of relief before we got to the potty) at OMSI.
Monday we went to a Harvest Festival and he had a 'miss' (I don't like the word accident so I try to use 'miss') but overall he held on tight and stayed dry! Yeah.

Today not a single miss!

Now if I could teach him how to get every drop out so we are not on the potty every 30 minutes.
I am so proud. Gotta love parenthood, excited about potty chairs and poop! Oh and happy fixed sergers!

Woo Hoo!
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Miss Y said...

I'm excited for you, and understand your pride. I am, however, also happy that you didn't post pictures of the results of your potty trips...

Amy H said...

Darling undies (can I say that?). I would have you make some firetruck ones for Matthew, but he is pretty well stocked right now. I'm glad potty training has gone so well for you. It has gone well for us, too. You have the advantage to Grayson learning before the baby comes, because you can attend to Grayson when he needs it, as opposed to feeling trapped on the couch while you nurse. I have been unbuttoning Matthew's pants from the couch, and then watch him waddle down the hallway to the bathroom with him pants down at his ankles. =) It works pretty well, though!