Wednesday, September 2, 2009

100,000 names and not one seems right?!

Now that we know its a boy in my belly, it seems that I should have a name. At this point with Grayson I had his name. I was sitting in the park with my nanny charges when this other mother ran by screaming for her Grayson to come back. I pointed and said "there goes my name!" We obviously didn't even know he was a he yet. But as soon as I heard it I just knew.

Jonathan's name "came to me" on the ultra sound table when we learned his diagnosis and his gender all at the same time. I later learned it means Gift of God.

This little boy I am currently carrying has no name... nothing. No run by names, no on the table whispers. Nothing.

So if you have a name you think we should consider please let me in on it! It has to go with "Grayson" and "Jonathan" and be equally cool as "Grayson". :)

Thanks friends!

***UPDATE*** as of Sept 7 I think we have a name. Not positive on the middle yet... the catch is we are not gonna share. (boo I know right!) but here's a hint, someone mentioned it in the comments. :) The reason we are not gonna share is LITERALLY everyone I know is pregnant and someone I knew who was pg with their baby at the same time as me with Grayson stole the name AND had her baby first. Not taking any chances... LOL

And since you all know me so well, the count down begins now on how long I will really keep this secret. :)


Jessika said...

What about "Noah"? It means comforter and peaceful. It also means wanderer, which I like because his mom and dad have certainly already wandered a difficult path already to get to him.

Jessika said...

And religiously, Noah was the beginner of a new time. Also translatable, I think.

Jessika said...

There's also Jason, which means uniter, and it's somewhat a combination of the two boy's names.

Jaye @ said...

I think a name ending with 'n' would be nice, so how about:

- Preston (my fave)
- Hayden (my second fave)
- Logan
- Jackson
- Kaden
- Quintin
- Nolan
- Mason
- Ashton
- Landon


PBrown9624 said...

How about Cole. You don't know me but I have been following your blog for awhile. I am excited for you that you are pregnant again and am keeping your family in my prayers for a healthy baby & for saving your home.
God Bless.
Pam Brown

Jaimey said...

Jessika- thanks! I will share those with Zack.

Jaye- some of those are on our list already! Thanks!

Pam- Thanks for coming out to play! I love "meeting" people who read that I don't know. Cole has gotten a lot of votes on Facebook today. I like it!

Lizzieborden said...

I came up with a few names:
Mathias-Gift of God
Ethan-Strong, firm
Evan-God is Gracious
Gabriel-God is my might
Isaiah-God is Salvation

I thought since this baby is healthy and a gift from God that he is that maybe something meaning that would be good. Let me know what you think.

aunt liz

Anonymous said...

What about Landon or Aiden? I've loved those names ever since I first heard fhem.

Anonymous said...

Jagger means one with a message.

Liz said...

Hey there, I've been reading you off and on for a while now but have never commented. I first encountered you because we're both on *This End Up*

Here's a couple suggestions for you to mull over because I LOVE playing the name game:


weplusthree said...

I have two friends who named their boys Jax last year. One was just Jax, and one was Jaxon. Fun names. I don't know if they have meanings, never been big on meanings of names :P

Congrats on the house sale being canceled and good luck with the loan mod (I just read your Thursday post and am being lazy and just commenting once on both.)

Good luck with the next 130ish days. Hopefully it hasn't been as insanely hot in OR as it has been in CA.

Jessica said...
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Jessica said...

After losing a baby, I swore I would name my next son "Matthew", which means gift from God. Sure enough, I got pregnant again soon after that with my little Matthew (who is now a wild 20 month old!!). He was such a gift and his name fit him perfectly. If we have another son we will name him Benjamin. Our first son is Thomas James, so we seem to have a theme going. :) Good luck finding the "perfect" name!

Amy H said...

Jessica - we have a Matthew, and our next favorite boy name is Benjamin. =)

Jaimey - a name that comes to mind that sounds good with Grayson is Leyton. Not sure on the spelling, but we have a friend with a little boy with that name.

Jessica Bashaw said...

I think Ethan sounds the best! But that could be that my two year old is named Ethan. My husband and I could not come up with a name we both liked so I finally gave in and told him that the next name that came out of his mouth was what we were sticking with. He said for a boy "Ethan Alexander" and for a girl "Anastasia Nicole". I completely fell in love with the name Ethan but very hesitant on "Ana Nicole" (LOL). Fortunately he was a boy!

Good luck and I am sure whatever name you fall in love with is the one that is meant to be!

Oh! And congrats! :)

Jessica (Berardi) Bashaw. (S.P.)

Jaimey said...

there is an update for anyone interested in the body of the blog!