Saturday, September 26, 2009

Greensprouts Festival

Sometimes when I have quiet moments I find myself in tears. I never know when it will happen or how to prepare for it because its so random. Today on highway 26 headed to Portland to the Greensprouts Festival to work the gdiapers booth I found myself in that exact moment. Something came on the radio and I was in tears. I don't even think it had anything to do with the song but something about that moment sent me into last year at that exact moment, when I was headed to GS to work the gbooth and I was pregnant with Jonathan. It's funny sometimes how life works. Part of me is a little sad at all the milestones I feel with this little boy growing in my belly because they are the same timing as last year with Jonathan (their due dates are 4 days apart), the other part of me is excited to feel things at the same time especially after the 27 week mark where we left off with J.

Last year as I was working the gbooth and getting ready mentally to give birth to my child who would die and it seemed like everyone was looking at me. Like somehow everyone knew, that it was all over my face. I remember hiding in my vest most of the event because I didn't want people asking about my pregnancy and asking when I was due etc, only to have me drop the truth in their laps. I did get many hugs that day from friends who had heard or read my blog and that was lovely and comforting.

It was nice to see many of those same people today and get those well wishes all over again. It's a bit like de ja vu except in a happier tone this time around. I was able to suck up my tears and make it in one piece to Portland and the festival and had a great time working with the gals at the booth. I even picked up some of "Hotdog's" (Sophie, my nanny charge, thinks his name should be Hotdog. :) g's in some of my favorite discontinued colors.

Some of my favorite vendors from the day are: gdiapers of coarse! Punkinbutt! Milagros Boutique!

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milagros said...

It was wonderful seeing you at Green Sprouts, too! Wishing you the best - Jennifer and Tony