Thursday, September 17, 2009

Harvest Festival at The Punkin Patch

I can't believe fall is here already! A few weeks ago we went with our friends Shelly, David and their son Asher to The Punpkin Patch on Sauvie Island. We were a little concerned because it was raining when we got out of the car but within minutes it cleared right up and the sun came out.

We had such a great time the visiting the animals

playing on hay stacks

coloring on gourdes

and riding the cow train. This ride was SO bumpy! I had no idea just how bumpy it would be but I thought I might go into labor, and it shook the pee right out of G. :) The tires on ours rotated tiny ones with huge ones, making it very bumpy indeed!
(cow train photo borrowed from flicker)

When we were all done playing we shopped at the little farm market, picking up fresh cherry tomatoes and pears.

Shelly and I left all the boys to go to Ikea while they headed home. We ate our well deserved lunch (25 minute line!) in the Ikea cafe having yummy Swedish meatballs. Mmmm good! Have I mentioned that baby isn't a vegi anymore? weird. Usually I don't really care about meat but those meatballs looked so good. I even had to top that with a piece of apple cake.

When we finished lunch we heaved our full bellies downstairs to start shopping. I ended up with 4 of their little potties- 2 for cars and 2 for other rooms...

*TIP OF THE DAY!* gdiaper flushies cut in half are great for potty chairs on the go or in the car. Just toss or flush later!

... some chocolate and a few place mats for G cause my table is getting pretty gross.

Happy Fall everyone!

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Real Live Lesbian said...

Happy Fall! Looks like a blast!