Wednesday, September 9, 2009

In the garden

This summer has been filled with a bounty of lovely foods. I wish they had all come from my garden and with any luck some will next summer.

We were lucky enough to have a chance to visit our friend Shelly's garden at her Grandma's house and come home with a lovely array of veggies. It was great to show Grayson how to pull the weeds and then the vegetables that were ready for harvest.

It's times like these that I know I should have been born to farmers. I would have been a great farmer. (just don't tell my black thumbs. they are going to go green they just don't know it)
I love showing Grayson where his food comes from and how we don't just go to the store, someone had to work to grow his food from beginning to end.

He may not get it now but I hope someday he will.

Grayson and Sage looking for lemon cucumbers.
Notice G's baby legs on his ARMS. Such a fashion-ista this boy. LOL

G, Sage and Shelly pulling weeds.

Playing on the vintage tractor at Shelly's gram's house.

I love this pic of the kids (G, S and Asher), playing in the tilled field behind the house. They kept knocking each other over. Then laying there in a heap together in fits of giggles.

We have been friends with these kiddos since they were all tiny babies. We met at our Breast Feeding support group. What an amazing group of woman came out of that group!
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