Sunday, September 27, 2009

24 weeks pregnant

To date my stats are:
weight gain~ 3 lbs
new stretch marks~ 0 (unless they are hiding where I can't see them!)
vericose veins~ 0 still yeah!
sciatic nerve~ Alive and well
hip displacement~ active on the left. :(

Why is it possible to have gained only 3 lbs, and yet feel so horribly HUGE and round!
is 24 weeks 5.5 months or 6 months pregnant?! If you count by conception its 5.5... I am so confused! What do you think?
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Lizzieborden said...

You look really good.

eireann said...

i love your cute sweet belly!

for the months, i counted backwards from my due date, because if you tell people you're 6 months pregnant, they think you're due in 3 months, when if you're counting by weeks you're really due in like 3 1/2 months. and most people (in my experience) are kind of idiots when it comes to counting for pregnancy and don't seem to understand weeks.