Saturday, July 18, 2009

Aunerwares by Mommy!

I bought a pattern recently from Fishsticks Designs through the great coop I love- This End up.
I was so excited to get it in the mail I immediately cut out a few pair of undies for G from this great Ooga Booga fabric I had also gotten from TEU.

See! TEU is the best! She runs the best stuff for coops!

Well today I finally felt good enough to sew, or even had the urge... I am the laziest pregnant woman ever- I swear! And this is what I cranked out.
He loves them! And they are so cute on!

Honestly there is NOTHING cuter than baby buns in Underwear! I just want to bite him. :)
Luckily, he is fast!
I have never been taught how to use a pattern so when I do use one I feel like I am going in blind. I rarely use one. I just usually wing it. Oddly that is way more comfortable for me. I felt so awkward with the first pair it took FOREVER to put together, but the second pair came together very quickly.

On the next 4 pair... I already cut 4 fronts out of a cute monkey pair of jammies the G had when he was a baby that got a breast milk poo stain that refused to leave. I love re-purposing. And I loved those jammies. I can't wait to see them happy and in use again.

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Geneva said...

You're developing an underwear obsession on this blog. Kind of like my potty training obsession on mine. ;)

Anonymous said...

:0) thanks for the warm fuzzies.

eireann said...

SO CUTE. i love that ooga booba fabric! but why is there no fly? do little boy aunerwares not hav a fly? (never having been a boy, i do not know.)

also, i read that those horrendous bf poo stains are caused by bilirubin, the same thing that causes jaundice. and the same thing that "cures" jaundice works for the poo stains - sun/uv light. (when i feel like i care enough) i dry my diaper liners outside in the sunshine. same thing for onesies etc that get a little leak (fortunately very few thus far). poo stains just disappear!

Jaimey said...

Hey Erin- No fly for little ones generally (I guess depends on brand). My theory is that they are just getting used to the idea of those parts and how they work, a fly just complicates things... I wouldn't use it anyway. He sits and naked at that!