Tuesday, July 28, 2009

30th birthday

Today is my 30th birthday. I am not sitting at home crying.
I did get out of bed and I am sure I will get over it eventually.

For my birthday, Zack started out letting me sleep in. Then when I woke up we took Grayson to the fountain in downtown Hillsboro because at 9 it was already 90*. Yikes.

We were only able to stay 45 minutes or so before the fountain was overtaken visited by a large camp or school type group of way older kids. And it was scorching hot!

So we decided to take G to Chuckie Cheese. (Yeah happy birthday to me. LOL) We had a tons of left over tokens from when I was a nanny and we just needed to get some energy out of the boy.
Grayson filming Zack at CC.

Riding the bob the builder ride.

This afternoon Zack made the yummiest BLT's and packed up to go to the Tuesday Market. My friend Geneva made these yummy cupcakes for me and brought them to the market. It was unfortunately 103* out and we all melted and felt like absolute crap in the SHADE so we died a little and called it a day. The end! Just kidding but we didn't make it very long. Too hot!

And the best part!? When I got to the market I realized that I was wearing mismatched shoes. See?! Its just NOT my day!

It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to!!! wear mismatch shoes if I wannntttt toooooo! :)
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Trish said...

Girl that is too funny. I know it's hot everywhere but I hope you loved your day. Wearing the wrong shoes is permissible when you are pregnant, didn't anyone tell you???

eireann said...

okay, i can hardly tell those are mismatched, are they two different colors, is that it?

did you at least play skee-ball at chuck e cheese? i love skee-ball.

Leslie said...

Greetings from 105 degree Austin. I feel ya!! AND-I have left the house in mismatched shoes before!!! I think it may have something to do with the constant prescence of a 2 year old. At least that's my excuse. Welcome to the 30's.

Heidi said...

Darn the mismatched shoes! And your belly isn't quite big enough to blame it! Your cupcakes were darling! Sorry I missed them. :( I'm glad you had a great day despite the shoes and the presence of Chuck E Cheese on your day!

Anonymous said...

If it helps I did not notice until you told me. It was very hot I think most people were too hot to think straight and notice. Hehe.

-Your Hubby-