Wednesday, July 22, 2009

15 week appointment!

Today I went for my midwife checkup to check our progress and heatbeat. Heatbeat sounds good and strong. And since she spoils us so, Paula did a quick US for us to see our babies parts. Above is one of the pics we got. Yeah! See that still round head?! We do too! :)

Granted, Anencephaly is rarely detected before AFP or 20 week US but I would think we would see something changing by now if it was going to. So fingers crossed but I may relax in the near future! Again he/she was very wiggley until he/she decided to take a nap, at which point I shook him/her up to try and get more of a visual of the "parts" I would like to see second most. I am pretty sure I saw what gender it is but until I have confirmation I am not spillin the beans! :)

Our next US is 18-20 weeks for gender and sizing and just general making sure all is ok. I have the AFP next week. That is the test we got Jonathan's diagnosis from. Since I am a silly "stupid"sticious girl I will not go and take it when I can on Thursday but on Monday. I took Jonathan's on Thursday and found out on Monday. I can't explain why taking it on the same day makes me cringe but it does.

All of this falls so close to when it did with Jonathan (and Grayson for that matter) I was due with G on January 4, 07. Jonathan on January 10, 09 and this baby is due January 14, 10. So everything that happens fall in the same time frame. We found out about Jonathan the first week of August.

Hopefully everything is fine and great and we will have a healthy baby boy/girl in aprx 176 days!

Thanks for all your continued support.
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Heidi said...

yay!!! That's a great pic of him/her! I can't wait to find out if he/she is a miss or a mr! I'll be thinking postive thoughts for your testing. And I am still astounded that you seem to do this at the same time of year! :)

Geneva said...

It isn't stupid or superstitious to be worried after what you've been through. It's natural and normal. Your little bean is going to be born healthy and happy to be in your arms before you know it though, and all will be well, I just know it.

Marlyn said...

Also sending you positive thoughts for your tests! And their results! SOOO glad to see things lookin' good!

Pacific Personal Training said...

I'm so happy for you guys. Praying for your precious baby and family.

eireann said...


love those u/s photos, keep 'em coming! keeping my fingers crossed for you but i have a good feeling about this one.

Jenny said...

Yeah, this is great to hear! We are thinking of you and the family and the little he or she! We will be thinking of you during all of the testing!