Friday, July 10, 2009

Camping at Silver Falls!

Last weekend we went camping at Silver Falls, it was so much fun.
On the way there we went down through Woodburn and Silverton. Along the way there were some flower fields that neither Zack or I could pass up. We stopped to take some pics of G in the fields. Unfortunately the good pictures are on my dinosaur film *gasp* camera so when I get the CD back I will post more.

Here I am in front of the "purple flower" field, no idea what they are. :)

And then there is what I look like just before that picture... I had fallen in the mud getting there from the poppy field next to it as Zack and G watched from the car. Doh! Zack missed the best part, my toes were COVERED in mud.

G in the poppy field.

I wish I had paid more attention to the spot we put him, its a little sparse... but the good pic on my good camera (these are iphone pics) are on his level of the background.

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing and hanging out with friends; Darla and Mike and their kiddos came from Thursday to Saturday morning. And we made friends with our neighbors who were a hispanic family who kept trying to feed us! It was just like a childhood family that I love, the Gonzalez' family. I grew up across the street from them and they treated me like another one of their kids. I miss them. (Hi Lethi! I know you read sometimes)

We took our bikes and G's though he rode on the back of mine when we went as a family, he loves his plasma car. Zack hooked it up so he could pull him. G loved that even more! We love it when he decides that he is too tired, lazy, bored, or sees something shiney to go on.
And every now and then Zack would hop on and get G to pull him, which as you can see didn't work out so well.

Anyway, more pics to follow in the near (09 anyway!) future.
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Anonymous said...

The purple/blue flowers are bachelor buttons. They are a wonderful cut flower as they stay nice for a long time. Nice pictures and I love the one with the mud. That makes me realize you and I are very much alike as I would never have made it through those fields without getting muddy either. LOL