Saturday, March 28, 2009

Potty Training... or NOT

When Grayson was tiny, like 3 months I started doing some elimination communication. Which in a nutshell is where you follow your child's physical ques and put them on the potty at the appropriate time to lessen the amount of time they are in a wet diaper. Many people that do this are totally diaper free.

I was not that dedicated. I just wanted to see what it was all about. I got pretty good at it though.

Then we went on vacation when he was 6 months old. I didn't have room for his little potty so I left it and when we came home he refused to sit on the potty and would fuss when I tried.

I continued to ask him and try and sometimes he will and sometimes he won't. Here he is, being compliant.

Something about Oriental Trading Co catalog keeps him entertained enough to keep him on the pot long enough to know if anything is gonna happen. This time, not so much.

He peed this morning though! yay!
I keep reminding myself he won't go to College in a diaper....

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Chuck LaPenta said...

Wow! We honestly didn't give it that much effort :) The day care center trained our first two and the third thought it was so cool when "I showed him how" he started doing it on his own ever since.

It's always something isn't it? :)


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Shan and Dave, Plus 3 said...

Hi Jaimey,
I've been kind of lurking on you blog since just before you had Jonathon and I figured it was time I said "Hi", so...."Hi"!
Good luck with the potty training...just when we thought our 3 year old was completly traiined, she stared having accidents! I hope it goes better for you!!!