Saturday, March 28, 2009

Floam- fun and loam? foam and L? Whatever.

Recently when we went to Corie's the boys were playing with Floam. They had the best time! I have no read idea what it is, exactly. But they sure liked it. And then it was time to clean up... and THEN I loved it!! Much like play dough you "stamp" up the rest of the loose pieces with a larger chunk. But this doesn't stick like playdough, or really ground it like PD does.

What is on your head, sir?!

I am usually a play dough kind of girl (ahhh that smell!) but this might have convinced me to switch, or at least pick up some one day.

And see how the boys are playing on a WHITE table cloth?! That would never happen with PD.

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Heather Brown said...

Ohhhh thanks for this, I have always wondered about this stuff but never brave enough to try it!! NOW I need a Target trip!! Thanks and praying your job searches go well!!