Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Land Mines

Not long ago I showed Grayson where the crafts goodies where in my crap(ft) room that he was "allowed" to get into. In there was a bag of these babies. They came from a long ago baby shower I threw and I never had the heart to "throw away the leftover babies". So there they sit.
G became fascinated with them a few months ago and he would put them in play dough or just play with them, carrying them around with him in the house. Every now and then we step on one. This elicits quite the fun assortment of words from both Zack and I. But seriously, take a close look...

So you see those prong-y little arms and legs, like talons I tell you. Stepping on one is sure to illicit a $^!# out of the most conservative of folk!

I thought I had picked them all up and hidden them, but they always seem to pop up when you least expect them.

Enter the clowns. One of the things I "needed" for my cake class was these clown heads.
I didn't end up using them so I was going to return them. But G spied them before I could and they became his.

And now it seems the babies and clowns have an evil pact to destroy us. They lay in wait for the next tender bare foot to stumble near...

Funny thing is, ITS NEVER GRAYSON.... I think its a conspiracy.
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Heidi said...

Next thing you need is legos and you will never want to walk with bare feet in your house again!

Sharon said...

Welcome to just the beginning of the trials of parenthood. It never gets better, it just gets different!
PS: Carla moved this past weekend with Tyler. She was so excited.

Geneva said...

Poor little naked, pointy baby. And clown. Except the clowns are kind of creepy, eh? Either way - owie on the feetsies!

eireann said...

i agree, clowns are creepy. especially body-less clowns like those.

legos are foot injuries waiting to happen. i tortured my parents for years with legos and am expecting to be repaid in full by my own kids.

Lindsey J said...

Those look worse than Lego to step on! OUCH!