Saturday, March 21, 2009

Crappy teeth, crappy day.

yes, you are looking at my majorly inflamed tooth and gums. It is infected. And its a tooth that has already seen a root canal and a cap. Who knows why it is doing this. I talked to a friend who used to be a dental assistant and she said it may be a cracked root. Great. Its not all that sore, except when I push on it. As my dad would say "DON'T DO THAT THEN!!"

But I can't help it, it annoys me. TMI ALERT!!!! I tried to pop it, and it didn't work. Only made it hurt worse. Oh well. I did have Zack call his dentist friend who scheduled me for Monday, but was very concerned because it "sounds" so bad. So they said to go to

Urgent Care, hense the new jewelry.

I have never gotten one of these at UC. Only when I had my boys. I went Thursday night and they gave me antibiotics, vicodin and IB 800. I have only taken 1 dose of the IB 800. No Vicodin. I only took 2-3 doses after giving birth with a C section, I refuse! (after Jonathan's vag birth I took IB 800 a few times)

And to top it off I woke up sick yesterday. Ugh. Getting progressively sicker as the day went on. Zack too. Grayson is so far spared but unfortunatly that just means he has WAY more energy than both of us. We mainly just have a head cold, lots of running and congestion of the sinuses, which seems like it shouldn't happen together... but it is.

All of this has made for a rough day emotionally. To say that I am stressed out would be an understatement. I am really worried that we will lose our house now. I know Zack has been unemployed before, obviously, but somehow it was different. I just felt like there was always something right around the bend that would turn it around. I don't feel like that now. I just feel lost.

I feel like the whole world is crumbling down around me and I am powerless to stop it. It feels so hopeless. I am normally an optimistic person but today is just not my day. Maybe tomorrow I will wake up and not feel like the Universe is out to get us, but for today...
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Anonymous said...

Dear Jaimey,

I know it's hard to be optimistic everyday, it's actually almost humanly impossible. All you all can do is your best and if your best means that you loose your house, I can tell you that if you lost everything material if you look close you will find that you still have more than a lot of people in the world. There are people who spend their entire lives looking for love and never find it. The material things will come and go but love true love is there to stay. Try to keep your chin up and stay focused on what you have and not what you lose or don't have. I know easier said than done but trust me I have some experience in these type of situations. I Love you all and pray for you everyday. Love Auntie Trish

1snappyfamily said...

Hey, Jaimes....

My heart goes out to you guys...I'm so sorry things are so miserable right now. Hope things go well at the dentist today-or as well as possible! ;-) We love you so much, and pray for you daily, too!

Hang in there...