Monday, March 2, 2009

Naked Lady Party!

I know that sounds too good to be true (if you are a man or a lesbian) right?!
Well, don't get too excited. Well, scratch that... GET EXCITED!
Friday night I went to a Naked Lady Party. That is a woman and children's clothing swap.
It was SO much fun. I took an overflowing tub plus a few other things, mostly clothes but a few pair of shoes and a handbag and belt. I came home with that same tub full of clothes, everything you see below!

I also got two bras, a pregnancy belt/ for holding up the belly! and a pair of shoes!

Sadly, everyone that was at the NLP that I was at only had girls or boys younger than mine so I only got a pair of pants and Snow bibs for Grayson.

BUT... I did luck into getting some little girl clothes for the fictitious little girl I may someday have! Keep your fingers crossed for a girl next!

I am hosting a NLP! On April 4. Details TBD but it will be at my house and propably at 7 pm. The way it works is once everyone is here and the cloths are sorted into size appropriate piles, the host says GO and everyone rushes off to try things on and find their loot! (With no Cat-fighting!)

Anything left goes to a local woman's shelter (which I still need to find but I think I know the place)

I will send out evites soon and remember~ The more people and stuff here, the better your odds of getting great stuff! INVITE YOUR FRIENDS! (if you are out of town and want to come I will happily host you! :)


Heidi said...

WOW!!!! You really scored!! I'm sad I'll miss the April one, but I'm in if you do one in the summer!

eireann said...

how fun!

i would love to come to your party too, and i'm shameless enough that i would even let you host me (because i would host you anytime you guys come to sacramento), but brian will. not. let. me. travel. anywhere.

probably he is right, probably it is for the best, but. boo hiss. :)