Sunday, March 22, 2009

Me's DO!

There are many new words floating around our house on any given day but one of my fave's and least fave's is "ME's DO!"

For those who don't speak Grayson that's "I want to do it please!"

He says it for everything including but not limited to: putting on his shoes, his clothes, getting in and out of his high chair, getting down toys off the high shelf and my favorite putting on his jammies.

We lay the out for him so he can sort of see where his parts are supposed to go.

Usually he gets one leg in and then goes for the zipper. We have to redirect him to find the other leg first... then its back to the zipper.

I was trying to get a cute one of his blue piggy Gdiaper that I embroidered, but all I got was this blur with my iphone. (If someone from Canon happens to be reading this and wants to gift me a Rebel XTi in exchange for me using it daily and blogging about it in every post you would make me a very happy girl!!! )
I have a lovely Canon Elan 7E but its a *gasp* film camera. I use it all the time, but its not quite as efficient for blog posts.

Well he finally got them on...right, oh wait. I see a problem. Took him a minute of chasing his zipper like a tail to realize this was not the ideal way to wear his footies. So off they came again, to try all over.

He did finally get them on, but its a fun process. I think we need to start our routine a little earlier.

I love watching this boy grow and learn.
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