Tuesday, March 24, 2009

G diapers and me!

Many of you know that I love gDiapers and that since the moment I met the owners and many of the employees it has been my goal to someday work there. Alas, it has not happened yet.

But, always the ingenuitive little critter I have been volunteering for them for 2 years. I basically help them out with manning their booths whenever I can. Here we are when Grayson was little with our friends Stephanie and Sage.

This year so far I have worked only 1 shift but this weekend I am set to work 11 hours over the 2 days, between 2 events.

The first event I am very excited that I get to do is a Demo for them at Whole Foods in Bridgeport (12-3 come visit me!!!) on Saturday, ALL BY MYSELF! This is my first on my own g-adventure and I am such a dork, I know, but I am SO excited! Basically I stand at a table with little g's all around me and a bag of flushables and GUSH to anyone who will listen the amazing PRO's of G's and what an amazing company they are and such. So a normal day for me! :)

The second event is The Better Living Show. I will be working the booth from 6-915 on Saturday and 1-530 on Sunday, come by and visit. It should be a really fun event at the Expo Center in Portland.

I discovered gDiapers through a magazine ad when I was pregnant with Grayson. I immediately went out and bought a starter kit and starting flushing (clean) diapers for fun! Whoo Hoo! Zack just shrugged and rolled his eyes. I think he thought I had lost it!

I have always known that there had to be a better way than disposables. My mind swam every time I thought about the 5000 diapers each of my children would use and dispose of in their baby hoods. But until g's I had no idea what that would be. I had always heard cloth was so gross and who wants to stick their baby with pins. (We all know now that is not the case anymore- now don't we?!)

I started using g's shortly after Grayson's birth and you know what they say! I eventually started using cloth in them as well. I use a hemp and velour insert in them that is quite lovely against G's skin and cleans easily and well. They really are the diaper with options. I love that I can use flushies or cloth and there isn't anything that needs to change except what I stuff in the liner.

I am headed to gHQ (gDiapers' headquarters) tomorrow for the TEA, which is just a playdate for us grownups. The kids can come too, but its so not about them! :) Just kidding.

See you all this weekend! And if you haven't bought a started kit yet, for the love of Pete,

p.s. these are a few of the modeling shots they got of G in the products.


Lindsey J said...

Super cute pics of G!! the g is perfect for G!

Their ads are good. I remember seeing one and it really stuck with me. To the point that when I saw them on the shelf for the first time I couldn't NOT get them. We love g's.

Anonymous said...

Adorable...the photos, YOU and the blog! :)

Kim R. said...

I love my g diapers, although I use them with cloth inserts or prefolds. I just came across your site while doing research for a review I am making for g diapers vs gro baby. Love the site!

Kim R. said...

I love g diapers too! i use mine with a prefold though, no flushies. You are so lucky you get to work with them, my dream job would be in cloth diaper too!

I found you while doing research for a review i am doing on g diapers vs gro baby. Glad I found you, I'll have to come back again.

Kimberly said...

whoops, I thought mine didn't go through so I retyped it! sorry!