Sunday, March 22, 2009

I HATE going to the dentist!

I have an appointment scheduled for 8 am at the dentist. Have I mentioned lately that I hate going? I can't remember when my aversion really started, maybe cause we never really went when I was a kid unless we had to, but somewhere along the lines I figured out that I hate it. Loath it.

I hate that I have to open my mouth so wide, and that then someone wants in there. I hate the buzz of the drill and the suck of the water sucker thing-y. *shudder* I hate how worked up I get, the butterflies that dance in my tummy the night before.

I tried going to the dentist like "they say" every 6 months, and without fail I have major work needing done. AND I BRUSH! (flossing I admittedly suck at) So for a few years I was going more like every 3 months, and still without fail, MORE WORK! So I started waiting (ie: putting it off) until I HAD to. I think the last time I went was right before I got pregnant with Grayson.

I hate the dentist.

And I know tomorrow is going to open a can of worms I can't afford right now to fix much less want to deal with. I am a firm believer in ignorance being bliss, sticking my Ostrich head in the sand.
now if I could just be an ostrich with perfect teeth...

~end rant~


Geneva said...

I'm with you. I take decent care of my teeth, but invariably have something wrong when I go to the dentist. I can't handle the drill and the scraping and the posters on the ceiling...

eireann said...

i am so with you. which is why i haven't - shudder - been to the dentist since i got married. embarassing to admit, but there it is. my dentist did offer a prescription for valium to help me relax so maybe this summer i'll take him up on it. i can handle pretty much everything except the needle in the back of my jaw. that turns me into pathetic, blubbering mush.

Sharon said...

I used to take a shot of tequila to go to the dentist...two years ago I had a panic attack while having a root canal. Never went back to have the hole filled!